Trade Name

Generic Name

Business presentation

1 Emaxen 44mcg(2million UI)/2ml Interferon B1 A 44 mcg box containing 44 mcg vial with lyophilized + 2ml ampoule of solvent. And prellenadacon box containing 0.5mg syringe and sterile water
2 Jumtab 30mcg/bottle Interferon Beta 1a 6 million soluc. Iny
3 URIBETA 8 MUI(0.25mg)/ml Interferón Beta 1b, 8 million box with 15 ampoules with lyophilized prefilled syringes with 1.2ml of diluent for reconstitution, sterile needles for reconstitution 21g, sterile needles for reconstitution 27g
4 Urifron 10MUI/vial Interferon Alpha 2b, 10 million bottle.